“Our customers have really enjoyed the user experience and have seen increased user adoption of the Jira Service Desk customer portal via the theming. It really is a custom design and with HTML and related links, you can really take the end user CX to another level. Refined Support is also always very fast in response and very responsive to improvements/new features.”

“By far my most favorite plugin, been using for 4 years now and have unlocked untold improvements and functionality for Confluence.”

“Refined is simply the best and a solid base if you want to improve your Confluence platform.”

“Refined is a very nice plugin, cannot live without it as in our Confluence intranet”

“The most useful theme add-on we have come across: Clean, flexible, modern layout that is easy to customize and leaves just enough options without becoming too complicated”

Fast growing payment solution company Klarna use Refined to provide a ’Smooth’ IT support experience.

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